Last week, Missouri finally approved the notarization and witnessing of estate planning documents by virtual presence. Until the order was passed, we were conducting our signing meetings at the building entrance to avoid traffic in the office suite. For those that signed their documents during this time, a special witness was present in addition to the Notary and normal witnesses – a goose! The goose had taken up residence in the vacant planter near the building entrance. If you got too close, she would hiss and raise her wings. At first, we were not sure if the goose was ill or a mother goose tending to her eggs. Our question was answered when the father soon appeared and would viscously hiss and charge with raised wings towards anyone who got nearby, prompting the building maintenance crew to erect a temporary fence around the mother.

Fortunately, we can now take advantage of the virtual signing order and avoid disturbing the geese. But it makes me think about how the instinct of a mother to take care of her eggs, and the instinct of a father to protect the mother and their eggs, just kicks in during a vulnerable time.

It begs the question…how are you taking care of your family during this vulnerable time?

There is no better way to protect your family than to make sure your estate plan is in tact and updated as we navigate life under a pandemic.

So in the face this pandemic, we challenge you to raise your wings and charge! Contact us today for assistance with implementing or updating your estate plan.