Protecting Your Loved One With Special Needs

It is important to plan for the future of your family members.  This is particularly true if a loved ones has special needs that will require long-term assistance.  At Lynn Law Firm we create peace of mind by developing personalized plans that provide long-term protection for individuals with special needs.  We are here to help plan for the ongoing care of your special needs child or adult.

Establishing a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust helps your loved one by providing ongoing financial resources. This type of trust is specifically designed for someone with physical and/or mental disabilities, including those who are unable to manage their own finances.

Our firm will help you create a trust that has your loved one’s individual needs and future in mind. More importantly, we can protect their eligibility to receive government benefits.

Naming a Guardian

The guardian plays an important role in your loved one’s care, especially if you are no longer able to care for their best interests.  It is essential to choose someone you trust. Typically, the guardian is a family member or an individual close to your family.

Create Peace of Mind Today

If you would like assistance creating an individualized plan for your special needs loved one, contact our office at (314) 997-0500.