Ensure that your legacy goes untouched.

The last thing you want is to burden your loved ones with dealing with estate taxes after you pass. We will work together to create a detailed plan on how to deal with any estate taxes that may be levied on your assets.

Charitable Planning

A rising number of Americans are donating some or all of their estates to charitable organizations after they pass. If this is something you would be interested in, we can help develop a plan based on the causes you find appealing.

Lifetime Gifting

If you have a large estate and your estate plan allows for continued growth beyond your passing, you can choose to have your assets gifted over the life of your accounts. Whether you want to set up a trust for your grandchild or want to continually give to a charitable organization, we can help.

With recent changes to U.S. tax law, there are a lot of new bases to cover when it comes to planning for your estate or gift tax.

You need an experienced estate and gift tax planning attorney that can help you devise a plan that can help ensure your legacy goes untouched. Contact us today!